About me

My name is Marloes, I’m a Level Designer from The Netherlands with 3 years of experience working in Unreal Engine. I’m currently living in Sweden where I’m working on Satisfactory (Coffee Stain Studios) as a level designer.

My toolset includes researching, sketching, creating block-outs, and node-based visual scripting to implement systems in the levels I work on. Feel free to have a look at my portfolio to see what I’ve worked on over the past years. 🙂

Why level design?

Just like many others in the games industry, I started out on this journey because I enjoy playing games. Games have always provided a playground for me and my friends, and as a level designer, I have the opportunity to create playspaces that bring others the same fun and entertainment as I experience when I play games. On top of that, it feels incredibly satisfying and rewarding to see players move through, interact, and immerse themselves in what you created.

What else?

If I’m not playing or making games, you can often find me in the Community Garden. I love being outside and as a nature lover, having a garden supporting biodiversity is very important to me.

Besides outside gardening I’m also an avid houseplant collector, or as I’d like to call myself, a houseplant connoisseur. Strangely enough, this often results in my house being filled with incredibly sad looking plants as I have become known as the local plant hospital. 

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Level Design

  • Research
  • Sketching
  • Creating playspace blockouts
  • Visual Scripting (UE Blueprinting)
  • Playtesting and rapid iteration
  • Balancing
  • Basic 3D modelling

Game Design

  • Concepting and prototyping
  • Gameplay research and competitor analysis
  • Design documentation
  • Scrum
  • Community Management


  • Unreal Engine
  • P4V
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • SketchUp 
  • Blender 
  • Jira
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Office 


  • Presenting
  • English (Professional proficiency)
  • Dutch (Native)


“It has been my pleasure to observe and assist Marloes’ development as a game designer. Our first impression (I am speaking for my colleagues as well on this point) is that Marloes is not just passionate about game design, but she is an active and engaged learner. She demonstrates a high level of academic discipline and professional behavior in everything she does. Her critical reflections show that she is ready to find her own path and that she trusts her own design practice.

Marloes has a great eye for detail and does extensive research for both the conceptualization of her designs and into the toolsets and processes needed for their realization. On top of this, her design documentation is always first rate, showing strong information and visual design skills. The level design documents she creates contain all expected level design information, and also help on-board other designers and help create alignment within the team. This has also proven to be a valuable demonstration of her ability to “lead by example”.

Marloes is specializing in level design, for which she demonstrates the key skills such as in depth-project research, rapid iteration and playtesting cycles, and strong visual scripting skills to create necessary prototypes and/or systems.

Marloes’ approach is very collaborative and supportive towards her teammates. She demonstrates a solid understanding of proper production skills and a strong potential towards leadership and management. Picking up roles such as Scrum Master and Assistant Producer shows her dedication to contribute value to the team and she is always trying to push the quality of the project forward.

Throughout her time at BUas, Marloes has consistently proven herself eager to learn everything she can about game design and development and enthusiastically tries to broaden her skillset with new tools whenever she can. She is an active member of multiple learning communities, and was recruited to help mentor younger students in the program. She is on track to become an amazing professional level designer and more. She will bring value to any studio she joins.”

David Wessman, lecturer at Breda University of Applied Sciences with over 20 years of game development experience.