BnBooooo is a game jam game made with a small team of fellow students from BUas. The game was submitted to the Halloween Jam 2021 (October 29th to November 1st 2021) of which the theme was Ghosts Doing Normal People Things.

Game Jam

Unreal Engine

72 hrs



Starting the game jam, we made several mind maps of different ideas for gameplay and art, eventually combining two options and concepting this further. 

While doing this we kept the restraints and modifiers for the game jam in mind. 

Creating task minigames

My main task for this game jam was to concept and implement small minigames the player needs to perform. 

Audio Feedback

Besides creating the minigames my other task was to gather audio assets to provide feedback and atmosphere to game. 


Lastly, I created the page and made a short trailer to showcase the game.