Mission ImPossumble – GMTK 2021

About the Game
Mission ImPossumble is a 3D stealth game where you play as a mommy opossum looking for her lost children. Watch out for angry men and dogs protecting their garden from vermin (you) and make sure no Joey gets left behind! 

Mission ImPossumble is a game made with a small team of fellow students from BUas. We made the game for the GMTK 2021 gamejam (June 11th to June 13th 2021), the theme of the jam was Joined Together.

My Contribution
– Concepting.
– Creating both enemies through Unreal Blueprinting.
– Designing & implementing one level.
– Marketing (Itch.io page & trailer).

The Mission ImPossumble Team
Bram Simonis
Marloes de Graaf
Renato Civadelić

Visual Artists
Elizaveta Makhova

Julia Portanova

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