During December 2021 I participated in an online course to practice with 3D modelling, focusing on low poly environments.

By participating in this course I improved my 3D modelling skills, continued to practice with Blender and practiced with composition. 


Blocking Out

First I blocked out the rough shapes of the scene I was trying to re-create by following along with the course.  

Adding Details

After having blocked out the rough shapes, I started adding more details and ensured the scene stayed consistent in visual style.

Shading & Lighting

Once I was happy with the general look of the scene I started adding materials and set up lighting using a sun light, several area lights and point lights and a HDRI I found online.

Besides that, I added a particle effect to create smoke from the chimney.

Building on the course

At this point I finished the course, but I wanted to use what I had learned so far and try and build something by myself that I could add to the scene. I ended up added a second floating island with a small barn and vegetable patch and connected the two islands with a bridge.