Mission ImPossumble is a game made with a small team of fellow students from BUas. We made the game for the GMTK 2021 Game Jam (June 11th to June 13th 2021), the theme of the jam was Joined Together.

Game Jam

Unreal Engine

48 hrs



Starting the game jam, we made several mind maps of different ideas that suited the theme Joined Together. 

After having several ideas on paper, we took a vote and chose to make Mission Impossumble. 

Creating the Enemies

My main task for this game jam was to concept and implement the enemy through blueprinting.

As I was done faster then expected, I also created a second enemy (a dog walking around on a pre-set path) that could be used to increase the diffuculty of higher levels.

Audio Feedback

Besides creating both enemies my other task was to gather audio assets to provide feedback and atmosphere to game. 


Lastly, I created the Itch.io page and made a short trailer to showcase the game.