For this self-study project I took several photographic references from the internet and tried to replicate them in a blockout in Blender. I timebox about 3 hours per reference to try and re-create it as best as I can, focussing on layout and lighting.

The goal of this challenge was to improve my overall blocking out skills, practice with using photographic architectural references and to continue to practice with Blender.



I started off with searching for reference images on the internet. 

Rough Blockout

The second step was to block out the rough shapes in the scene and to get as close to the reference as possible. 

Adding Detail

After having blocked out the rough shapes, I started adding more details consistent with the reference image, 

Shading & Lighting

Finally I added materials and set up lighting using a sun light, several area lights and point lights and a HDRI (which I found online).