Snail Cuisine is a game jam game made with a small team of fellow students from BUas. The game was submitted to the Game Jobs Live Fall Game Parade 2021 game jam of which the theme was Leave Something Behind.

Game Jam

Unreal Engine

72 hours



Starting the game jam, we made several mind maps to help us come up with a concept that fits the theme of the game jam. 

Order System

My main task for this game jam was to create the order system of the game, which works as follows: 

  • Picks a random order from the list of recipes every x amount of seconds and start a timer for each active order.
  • Makes sure there is a cooldown on a table which had a successful order delivered to it. 
  • If the order isn’t delivered within the set time, or if the wrong order was delivered, it decreases the amount of lives the player has by one. 
  • If the amount of lives reaches 0, it pauses the game and loads the game over screen. 
  • Blueprints created can be found here and here

Visual Feedback

After having implemented the functionality for the order and scoring system, I worked on adding visual feedback:

  • Implemented arrows around the player character pointing to active tables.
  • Added images of the required meal to the active tables to make them stand out even more and signpost what meal needs to go where. 

Audio Feedback

Besides working on the order and score system I also helped with gathering audio assets to provide feedback and atmosphere to game. 


Lastly, I created  a short trailer to showcase the game and helped set-up the page